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Our Story

Caméléon is nationally recognized as the go-to firm in Canada that specializes in attracting, sourcing, recruiting, onboarding, and helping to retain qualified talent. We are reputed for delivering highly transformative change that positively impacts the businesses and job seekers we work with.

Our team has decades of experience in matching ground-breaking organizations with the bright and talented individuals they need to out-edge the competition, stay ahead of the innovation curve, and leave their marks for years to come.

We buck the status quo. With record labour shortages and new generations entering the workforce, the same ol’, same ol’ ways of finding and keeping great employees don’t cut it anymore. Gone are the days you could post a job and passively watch the resumes pour in. That’s why Caméléon has developed proven, adaptable and scalable strategies to get the right people through your door—and staying there.

With Caméléon, it’s not “recruitment as usual.” And we’re definitely not “business as usual” when it comes to your talent acquisition. We pride ourselves on proactivity, transparency, and continuous collaboration so that your positions are filled as quickly as possible with enthusiastic, capable professionals. Our ultimate goal? That everyone says “Hell, YES!” to the opportunities Caméléon creates.

Why Caméléon


Say Hello To Our Team

Marie-Andrée Lévesque

CEO and Talent Acquisition Expert

Annie Massé

Director – Talent acquisition

Frédérique Lagacé-Ouimet

Strategist – marketing and talent acquisition

Jean-François Noiseux

Business Partner – Talent Acquisition

Solange Lostaunau

Coordinator – Talent Acquisition

Éloise Gerdelat

Advisor – Talent Acquisition

Myriam Ossmane

Coordinator – Talent Acquisition

Serge Fortin

Business Partner – Talent Acquisition

Valérie St-Pierre

Director – Talent Acquisition

Liane Landry

Business Partner – Talent Acquisition

Ferroudja Zermane

Advisor – talent acquisition

Emily Verrall

Client Experience coordinator

 Sylvie Jacinto

Director – Talent Acquisition

At Caméléon, we make life better because we believe in:

Living with passion

The unadulterated passion we put into our work is infectious. Our passion is the fuel that gets things done and done well.

Being transparent

Our entire philosophy is based on transparency. And it’s only with this authenticity and tenacity that we build win-win, long-term relationships.

Daring for good

We have the courage to challenge convention by continually thinking outside the box and never shying away from an ingenious idea that can make a difference.

Walking our talk

Accountability is our middle name. We mean what we say. We always do what we say we’ll do. Period. No snake oil. No pie-in-the-sky promises. Just the facts and results.

Being better together

We believe in the power of the collective. We are acutely aware that anything is possible with collaboration, teamwork, and diversity.

Welcome to the C-Factor

Explore the most proactive and effective means to attract the right talent and expand your team for massive success. Our comprehensive service offering enables us to support you every step of the way—from your vision to grow the business all the way through to post-hire HR management.

Vision & Growth
Planning & Strategy
Assessment & Diagnostics
Sourcing & Selection
Turn-key Onboarding
Ongoing Support

Who we work with

At Caméléon, we pride ourselves in working with bold, innovative and passionate decision-makers who truly understand that great people make great companies. And we attract the most qualified, honest, high-octane and accountable candidates that really care about the cultures they join.

What we deliver

At the core, we deliver what our clients and our industry need and want most: PEACE OF MIND. How so? We’re dedicated to producing the highest rate of success for everyone involved by having skin in the game and building ONLY what we stand by and believe in.

What do you need help with today?

Caméléon is paving the way toward a seismic shift in the talent acquisition and recruitment industry. You will not find any cookie-cutter strategies here. You’ll never roll your eyes at any legacy methodologies or lacklustre results. And you’ll definitely never feel like a number at Caméléon. Whether you’re looking for end-to-end or ad-hoc services, we’ve got you covered.

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