Say hello to Marie-Andrée, Chief Executive Officer and Talent Acquisition Expert

Marie-Andrée is the heart and mind behind Caméléon. Bold and ambitious, but also empathetic and sensitive, she is a leader who believes in collaboration and having fun in everything she does. Her belief is that everyone can be happy at work. To achieve this, it is important to understand the culture of the companies she works with and listen carefully to the needs of the candidates she meets.

She has experience in all types of recruiting as well as in managing teams on a global level. Creative about solutions and new ways of recruiting, Marie-Andrée excels at helping her clients achieve their goals. She is passionate about presenting candidates with offers that fit perfectly with their personalities and aspirations, and to her, every hire is a story worth telling!

What aspects of your job make you feel proud?

My team is what makes me most proud! They are all people who want to make a difference, whether it’s on the team, with candidates or with companies. I’m very lucky!

I also pride myself on helping my clients achieve their goals. Building relationships that generate real discussions. And being creative in the solutions I provide and proposing new ways of recruiting. Seeing the evolution of my company and the clients we work with. In short, there are many things that make me proud!

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