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Sure, we’re in a tight, competitive labour market. Yes, qualified candidates have a smorgasbord of opportunities to choose from. And no, your business doesn’t have to succumb to choosing just anybody to fill a position. Get our free guide to learn how to avoid recruitment pitfalls.

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Caméléon is paving the way toward a seismic shift in the talent acquisition and recruitment industry. You will not find any cookie-cutter strategies here. You’ll never roll your eyes at any legacy methodologies or lacklustre results. And you’ll definitely never feel like a number at Caméléon. Whether you’re looking for end-to-end or ad-hoc services, we’ve got you covered.

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We can’t offer you the elixir of life. But we can give you mouth-dropping tips and eureka moments that can radically change how you attract, hire and keep five-star employees.

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Explore the most proactive and effective means to attract the right talent and expand your team for massive success. Our comprehensive service offering enables us to support you every step of the way—from your vision to grow the business all the way through to post-hire HR management.

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Caméléon can lend a great deal of refreshing recruitment colour to any private, public and para-public organization. Our talent acquisition and retention expertise span all industries. Our focus is on the corporate side of hiring. If you’re looking for one or several professional A-listers, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re always on the lookout for employers who share our ethos. If you fit the bill, we can definitely put a dent in your talent acquisition challenges:

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  • A joy to work with (aka: you’ve got a soul)

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A great vision without great people is irrelevant.

— Jim Collins
Caméléon puts an end to the dark days of recruitment.
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