Caméléon is offering $30,000 to help companies better onboard their talent.

Onboarding new employees sets the stage for their entire experience with your company. With over 730,000 job vacancies in Canada¹, it’s only natural to talk about retaining your workforce, to avoid excessive turnover, and thus avoid having more vacancies to fill.  

Companies are currently implementing a wide range of initiatives to better retain their employees. Higher salaries, revised benefits, telecommuting, flexible working hours, and much more! Did you know that a good onboarding process has the potential to improve the retention rate of your new hires by 82%² and their productivity by over 70%³? And that an employee with a positive onboarding experience feels 18 times more committed to their employer⁴?  

So, once again, onboarding new employees is what sets the stage for the entire experience they’ll have within a company.   

Caméléon is a firm specializing in talent acquisition, with a team of twenty experts. It was founded with the aim of simultaneously helping both employers and candidates.  In 2023, recruiting isn’t always easy: between all the new trends in talent acquisition, the desire to better attract and retain talent, and attempts to fill vacancies as quickly as possible, recruiting can quickly become a headache. We promise employers what our customers and the industry demand: peace of mind. We are committed to achieving the highest success rates for all our stakeholders. We are fully committed and offer only what we firmly believe in.  

Working with bold, innovative and passionate decision-makers who want to recruit and retain the best talent for their corporate culture: that’s what drives us! We would like to offer 10 companies wishing to enhance their talent retention initiatives a $3,000 onboarding package.   

“A good onboarding process is necessary for all companies. No matter what the industry. All that’s needed is to adapt the steps of this process to the different positions and departments. As we wish to offer a wide range of companies the chance to benefit from our expertise, we have chosen to limit the conditions of access to the following: a company with between 10 and 500 employees, located in Canada, and starting a recruitment mandate with Caméléon. That’s it. We operate on a first-come, first-served basis. All you have to do is contact us!” Marie-Andrée Lévesque, president and founder of Caméléon.   

The package, valued at $3,000, will include a kick-off meeting, a satisfaction survey template to send to your team, an onboarding best practices guide, pre-arrival checklists for employers and new talent, an onboarding planner, onboarding role mapping, email templates and more!  

This package was created for corporate positions. However, you can adapt it to the needs of your more operational workforce, with the right advice from our team. 

“The aim of this offer is to help the companies that place their trust in us to develop good talent retention practices, even before their new talent’s first day on the job. Talent acquisition is much more than filling vacancies. Helping companies to better attract and retain their most important resources – their talent – is an integral part of what we offer. Our team has the experience and expertise to help you untangle your overall talent acquisition strategy, whether partially or completely, to help you see things more clearly.” Frédérique Lagacé-Ouimet, Marketing and Talent Acquisition Project Strategist at Caméléon,  

Would you like to be considered for this exciting offer? We invite you to contact our team at!   



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