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And so, it goes! The team of Cameleon HR is getting bigger. Small company sees big; it seems like only yesterday was the first day of the company. To give a, even, better service to all our clients, an expansion was needed.

To the team’s delight, we have 3 new colleagues. Like our first blog’s article, that allowed you to know us all a little better, we wanted to give you the same chance with these new Cameleons. They answered five questions, not the same ones as last time, but as interesting. Here are their answers:

Let us take a moment to remember where we come from; What was your first job?

Claudia: My first job was at McDonald’s when I was 14 years old. I worked at the cashier and at the drive-thru for almost two years! Before that, I used to babysit my neighbors from time to time.

Camille: I started in France at Safram Power Units. It was an internship, but I take it as my first job since it started my HR career and made me discover recruitment. An enriching experience… First of many that brought me here today!

Chancelle: I started as an administrative assistant at the Congo Ministry of Foreign Affairs, more specifically for the direction of international conferences.

Why recruitment instead of something else?

Cl.: I love to communicate and learn on different subjects! Recruitment ables me to discover different fields and to meet a variety of people. Also, it does feel pretty satisfying to find the right candidate-job match!

Ca.: We all had the candidate experience where we were called out after 10 minutes, judged as junior or not enough bilingual when we barely had the time to say two words to present ourselves. That’s without mentioning all the impersonal inmails or the copy/paste sent by recruiters motivated by their KPIs and/or being pressured by quantity instead of quality. You see these examples? Well, I want to go against these: I strongly believe that I can bring the human back into the heart of the process. Study every career path, exchange, bring value, and most of all, accompany towards the best opportunity there is. For me, recruitment needs to be quality instead of quantity, to be a longevity and success insurance for the candidate and the company.

Ch.: For me, talking to people is the best thing you can have for a job. The human aspect around recruitment has always been in my scope of interest. The fact that each day is different, not even close to look a like, brings a plus to the job.

We all work from home. If we forget about the time difference; you can work from anywhere in the world. Where would you be right now?

Cl.: It would feel really nice to be in Italy right now 😉.

Ca.: Both feet in warm sand, in front of turquoise water in Dominican Republic (I used to live near the ocean, so I love those views). A mountain, with a breathtaking view, facing a turquoise lake in western Canada: I can take that as well!

What is your specialization in the CameleonHR team?

Cl.: I work as a recruitment agent, along with Chancelle. I am specialized in candidate research.

Ca.: I am a strategic talent acquisition consultant. I help candidate find their new career opportunities and help clients to find their new human resource. I also have a relaxology training; if you are ever tired of a situation, I can tailor you a visualization and breathing session! Loving a good workout, I started a workout project with the other Cameleons to compensate all this time spent behind our screen.

Ch.: I am a recruitment agent. I am specialized in research. I am the help for our consultants to feed theirs research for a few roles.

Let us be nostalgic: when you were a child, what did you say you wanted to do as an adult?

A.: I wanted to be a veterinarian so badly! At only eight years old, I decided to interview a veterinarian to learn more about the job!

Ca.: Like a lot of kids, I wanted to be a singer. You would ear my sing, you would tell me that I did the right choice to be in recruitment! But, I am always in for a karaoke night!

Ch.: Kid, I wanted to be a flight attendant because it would give you the chance to discover every continent and the main cities. I wanted to discover the world through exchange with passengers and local people from every country. With stories about plane crash, I changed my mind.

We are happy to count them as Cameleon. Everyone of them bring their colours and we our proud of it. Who knows in how long we will present you know colleagues again? Maybe you’ll be in the new article? 😉

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